Thursday, March 26, 2009

Drupal for iPhone app

So I've been programming a Drupal for iPhone app using XMLRPC. I got it working, yeh!

It's a little rough around the edges but things users can do so far...
- Input any drupal website. The drupal services module needs to be installed. Well at least I haven't tested it without the services module. The session module needs sessid checked.

- Login with your drupal username/password.

- Post a title and story to your drupal website.

- Logout.

- The list of features I want to add is pretty long, but at least this basic part is working.


Dave said...

very cool - glad to see this happening.

peter said...

I am planning on developing an iphone app that needs some integration with drupal.

Basic capabilities such as logging in, logging out, posting as well as retrieving particular nodes. It looks like you have a bunch of that covered, could you please post the source soon or give me some pointers?

I would very much appreciate it! :)

Daniel said...


No problem. I'll post the code above. The hardest part I found was figuring out the sequence for logging into a drupal site using XMLRPC.

Phoenix said...

have you put in any thought in how you will utilize the different node types that can be generated by the CKK module or will the app only concern itself with only one node type?

Max said...

Hi Looks GREAT. I can't se the code.


Brian S Hall said...

I am a blogger not a (drupal) techie and currently use BlogPress on my iPhone for my site (

A big problem is that BLogPress won't allow me to designate my posts for the home page or make them sticky.

I would pay for a drupal for iphone app for sure.

Jerry said...

Hi Daniel -- May I ask how you got the custom app installed on your phone? Did you ever post the code you used?