Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drupal for Iphone app - Source code

This is for Peter and anyone else who is trying to use Drupal with their iPhone using XMLRPC.

Drupal for Iphone App
Here are some brief notes.

Make sure to upload drupal's Services modules and set the module permissions.

I added a Settings Bundle for the iPhone app.
For the URL put http://somedrupalwebsite.com/services/xmlrpc
Put in your drupal username and password

Then goto the App.
Click Login
Down in the Results screen. You should see xml code.
If you don't see errors then you're fine.
For the content field, put in a content type, blog, page, whatever.
Put in a title and body and hit submit.
You should see a confirmation as xml code in the result field.
The camera button and the Tab bar controller don't work.
If you want your user picture to show up then change the code in MyViewController.

I think that's about it.
Please post back here and let me know if you try my code out.



Jason said...

Hey, Does this not run in the iPhone simulator? It just quits on me.

Any pointers would be most appreciated.

Ice-Qube said...

You seem to be the only one speaking out loud about your progress or your intentions for a DRUPAL/IPHONE APP. I wish you the best.


riana said...

Great work! Have you made any further progress with the App?

How difficult would it be to implement a file attachment feature (from iPhone) to submit to a custom Drupal node?

Does anyone else have resources on this issue?

Thanks a lot.

Peter Harrington said...

Good work, I had trouble getting the JSON server to work, but this works.
Is this built for Drupal5?
I have services on Drupal 6 and the methods seem to be different like login requires 6 fields not 3.

I'm going to work on this for the services in Drupal 6.

geocalleo said...

The link provided to download the source code did not work for me.

Got another link?

Peter Harrington said...

I took some of the ideas in this file and rebuilt my own framework for the iPhone + Drupal. I presented this at three different meetings in late January/early Feb. My source code and the presentation slides can be downloaded here:

I just checked and that link works.

geocalleo said...

Hi Peter and thanks for the link! I'll check it out.

Josh said...

broken link :(


broken link....can you give me some other link to download..? and one more question is how to upload videos to drupal site...?

vinfotech said...

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